Outside storage for liquid retention


The manufacture of standard and tailor-made container depends on the following: The products to be stored The storage requirements The location of the container Company’s business The specific needs and expectations of the customer

Our containers are made up of thick tubes for structure and folded sheets for retention tanks. All materials are welded together to form a very robust construction. MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUE

WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS AVAILABLE We offer a wide range of more than 200 colours. From dark to light colours, we will meet your requirements. Only the following colours are not available: fluorescent, glossy, pearly and aluminium.



Installation equipment may be influenced by the product storage location and the category of products.

Lights Thermometer Thermoregulation Ventilation Rubber forklift stopper

To help with handling and lifting, rings have been placed on top of the container.

Each level is equipped with a spill containment. The retention capacity depends on the spill containment which is evoluated according to the container’s storage capacity and the European and French regulations.

CATEGORY OF DOORS The choice of doors, sliding or swinging, will depend a lot on the size of the container. If the container measures more than 3 meters, it will be more secure to choose sliding doors and not swinging. Indeed, it avoids the wind load and takes up extra space.

Swing door characteristics Good thermal sealing

Sliding door characteristics Easy to handle

Access to all storage compartment High risk of being caught in the wind Aisle clutter

No clutter in the aisles No caught in the wind Access to all storage compartment


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